Placement Record

MTL Placement Record 2000-2010


  • 40 Total Ph.D.s Awarded
  • 26 secured tenure-track positions in colleges or universities
  • 5 received post-doc appointments (Harvard, Princeton, Stanford)
  • 5 secured adjunct positions in the academy
  • 4 did not go on the academic job market

Department/Programs MTL Alumni Placed Into

  • English (13)
  • American Studies (4)
  • Women’s Studies (3)
  • Ethnic Studies (3)
  • Rhetoric (3)
  • Film Studies (2)
  • Ethics (1)
  • International Studies (1)
  • Anthropology (1)
  • Humanities (2)
  • Comparative Literary Studies (1)

MTL Placement Record 1994-1999

  • 27 Total Ph.D.s Awarded
  • 15 are currently (to the best of our knowledge) in tenure-track positions (at Brown, Fordham, New School, Rutgers, SUNY Buffalo, University of Arizona, University of Iowa, University of North Carolina, UT Austin, University of Virginia, Wesleyan, etc.)
  • 5 did not go on the academic market
  • 5 are teaching in non-tenure-track jobs
  • 1 new Ph.D. is still on job market for 1999-2000 teaching;
  • 1 alum, for whom we have no current information, received a 2-year post-doc immediately following degree conferral.

Dissertations Completed in Modern Thought and Literature 1998-2010


  • Thomas Matza – Subjects of Freedom: Psychology and Politics in Post-Socialist Russia
  • Sarah Ramierez – Enumerating Invisibility, Humanizing Number: Public Health and the Production of Inequalities, 1848-1947
  • Jason Sae-Saue – Southwest Asia: Asian American and Chicana/o History and Literature in an Inter-Ethnic Con-text
  • Vida Maria Garcia -When the “Other” is Ourselves: Imperial Legacies, Tourist Imaginaries, and the Representation of Difference in Chicana/o Travel Writing and Cultural Production
  • Nigel Hatton – A Novel Idea – Global Humanitarian Rights and Literature After 1945


  • Nirvana Tanoukhi – The Novel Beyond Recognition: Literature, Scale, Landscape
  • Sarah Richardson – Gendering the Genome: Sex Chromosomes in Twentieth Century Genetics
  • Allegra McLeod – Exporting U.S. Criminal Justice: Crime, Development, and Empire After the Cold War
  • Steven Lee – Multiculturalism Versus ‘Multi-National-Ness”: The Clash of American and Soviet Models of Difference


  • Ulka Anjaria – Eyes Turned toward the Future”: The Realist Novel and Imaginations of the State in India, 1920-1947
  • Ebony Coletu – Forms of Submission: Acts of Writing in Moments of Need
  • Teresa Pellinen-Chavez – Shining Paths: Tourism and the Marketing of Innocence in Southern Peru
  • Beth Piatote – Home/Ward Bound: The Making of Domestic Relations in Native American Literature and Law, 1886-1936


  • Maya Dodd – “Archives of Democracy”: Technologies of Witness in Literatures on Indian Democracy since 1975
  • Maria Ruth Flores – Knowledge Morena and Literacies de Colores: Toward the Embodyment of Life Giving Knowledges in the Arts, in Poetry, and Song
  • Magdalena Barrera – Estamos sumidos: Reading, Hearing and Seeing Mexican America, 1910-1941


  • Evelyn Alsultany – The Changing Profile of Race in the United States: Representing and Racializing Arab- and Muslim-Americans Post 9/11
  • Jackson, Shona – Between myth and nation: rethinking Caribbean history, politics, literature, and aesthetics


  • Coronado, Raul – Competing American Colonial Modernities: Politics, Publishing, and the Making of a U.S.-Mexican Literary Culture
  • Dass, Manishita – Outside the Lettered City: Cinema, Modernity, and Nation in India
  • Tompkins, Kyla – Kitchen Culture: Eating, Literature and the Body Politic
  • Arellano, Lisa – Lynching and the American Past: Violence, Narrative and Identity
  • Kozak, Romy – Sounding Out: Musical Ekphrasis, Sexuality and the Writings of Willa Cather


  • Goeman, Mishuana – Unconquered Nations, Unconquered Women: NativeWomen Writers (Re)mapping Race, Gender, and Nation
  • Price, Yvonne – What Beauty is Their Own: Fire!!s Significance inThe Harlem Renaissance
  • Ben-zvi, Yael – Setting Instincts: Origin Fictions of Native-Born Settlers


  • Rytkonen, Helle – Europe and Its “Almost-European” Other: A textual Analysis of Legal and Cultural Practices of Othering in Contemporary Europe
  • Mani, Bakirathi – The Imagination of South Asian America: Cultural Politics in the Making of Diaspora
  • Contreras, Daniel – “What Have You Done to My Heart”: Popular Culture, Race, and the Question of Utopia


  • Pandya, Sameer – The Late Colonial Self: The Nationalist Autobiography in India, 1927-1951
  • Bomberry, Victoria – Indigenous Memory and Imagination: Thinking Beyond the Nation
  • Fleetwood, Nicole Hickman – Documenting “The Real”: Youth, Race, and the Discourse of Realness in Visual Culture
  • Shimizu, Celine Parrenas – Making Woman Asian: Racialized Sexuality On Screen and Scene
  • Cotera, Maria – “Native Speakers”: Locating Early Expressions of U.S. Third World Feminist Discourse, A Comparative Analysis of the Ethnographic and Literary Writing of Ella Cara Deloria and Jovita Gonzalez


  • Benjamin, Richard – Youth Apocalypse the Contemporary Culture and Politics of Young White Males
  • Schmidt-Camacho, Alicia – Migrant Subjects: Race, Labor and Insurgency in the Mexico-U.S. Borderlands
  • Thompson, Lisa – Sex Talk: Black Middle Class Women Represent Sexuality
  • Gonzalez, Ray Marcial – The Postmodern Turn in Chicana/o Cultural Studies: Toward a Dialectical Criticism
  • Brawn, Shaleen – Repurposing Uncle Tom: Incidents in the Post Publication Life of a Text and Its Author
  • Gamez, Alicia Maria – Making American Nature: Scientific Narratives of Origin and Literary Conceptions of Race in the Early American Republic
  • Schell, Heather – The Victorian Book of Man-Eaters: On the Evolution of Cannibals, Seductresses, and Tigers
  • Tannock, Stuart – Stopgap Workers: Youth and Labor in Fastfood and Grocery


  • Stein, Rebecca Luna – National Itineraries: Tourism, Nation-Making, and Geographies of “Peace” in Contemporary Israel
  • Kuduk, Stephanie Ann – Republican Aesthetics: Poetry and Democracy in Nineteenth-Century Britain
  • Mesa, Christina Ann – White Guise and Dark White Women in 19th Century American Literature: A Study of Purity and Miscegenation
  • Morales, Michael – Vivisecting the Nation’s Body: Ritual, Blood Sacrifice in the Work of Luis Valdez, August Wilson and Suzan-Lori Parks
  • Cadora, Karen – The Limits of Lesbiana: Race and Class in Twentieth Century Lesbian Genre Fiction
  • Scott, Darieck Bruce – Closet Case Readings of the Black Male Figure in 20th Century African American Literature


  • Brewer, Kenneth – Lost in a Book: Aesthetic Absorption 1820-1880
  • Roberti, Derek S. – Economic Indicators: Force and Regulation in the Turn Of The Century United States
  • Thomas, Ardel Marie – Victorian Monstrosities: Sexuality, Race, and the Construction of the Imperial Self, 1811-1924