Maria Cichosz

Maria Cichosz


Areas of Interest
Methodology and Epistemology, Ethics, Fiction, Metaphor and Allegory


Inspired by the transformative in all its guises—fiction, metaphor, allegory, and magic—Maria’s work is motivated by a broad methodological concern with process, or how we do things. Taking rich, multivalent objects that collapse the boundaries between literal and metaphorical meaning and ordinary/extraordinary experience as its starting point, Maria’s approach involves putting seemingly unrelated literary and cultural texts from different times and places into dialogue in creative (and sometimes surprising) ways. Using this method, it is possible to see how tripping (psychedelic and otherwise), analog photography, and the history of tarot cards can all tell us something about the methodological choices made in interpretative practice. Endlessly fascinated by the creative and ethical potential (and limits) of metaphors, Maria feels a deep commitment to questioning how and why we make knowledge in the humanities, and sees the development of new conceptual frameworks as an ethical imperative. Maria holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Toronto. She is deep into her second novel, Middlemen, a story about being between things.


“The potential of paying attention: Developing an ethics of attentiveness in affectively-mediated experiences.” Emotion, Space and Society 10 (February 2014): 55-62.

Awards, Fellowships, Grants

2014-2018 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellow