Vanessa Chang


Areas of Interest
Media Studies, Literature, Sound Studies, Visual Culture


Vanessa studies the intersections of media and technology with human embodiment in literary, visual and sonic art. Titled “Tracing Electronic Gesture: A Poetics of Mediated Movement,” her dissertation uses gesture as a nexus to explore the impact of media technologies on human movement, creativity, agency and subjectivity. Spanning contemporary literature, electronic music, performance and visual culture such as comics, animation and motion capture, her research traces how the gestures that produce such texts have evolved from analog to digital media. Other interests include hip-hop, remix culture, circuses, street art, urban space, sound studies, graphic narrative, new media, screens and projection mapping.

Selected Publications:

  • “Animating the City: Blu, Street Art and the Poetics of Visual Encounter.” Animation: an interdisciplinary journal 8.3 (November 2013): 215-233.
  • “Records that Play: The Present past in Sampling Practice.” Popular Music 28.2 (2009): 143-159.
  • “Melos/Opsis/Lexis” The Chicago School of Media Theory Keyword Glossary Project.