Past Orals Lists

MTL students are required to take an oral examination, covering the student’s areas of concentration, normally in the third year of graduate study. It is a two-hour oral examination administered by four faculty members specializing in the student’s areas of concentration, and a chair from another department. The exam is based on a substantial reading list prepared by the student in conjunction with the faculty committee and designed to cover the areas of expertise pertinent to the student’s dissertation project.

Below is a list of MTL students by the year given of their oral exams, their fields, and the primary adviser for each.

Please Note: These Oral Exam reading lists are posted so that current students preparing for their exams can see how other students in the program organized their lists.  The MTL Oral Exam is a “field” exam, generally completed in a doctoral student’s third year, well before settling on a dissertation topic.  Therefore, these lists may very well no longer reflect an individual’s scholarly field(s).










  • Kim, Ju Yon / Asian American Studies: Literature and Performance / David Palumbo-Liu (Comp Lit)
  • Richardson, Sarah / Science, Values, and Society, History of Genetics, Molecular Biology, & Biotechnology, Gender and Science / Helen Longino (Philosophy)



  • Piatote, Beth / Indian Agents: Native American Inventions in Literature and Law / Paulla Ebron (Anthro)
  • Simpson, Richard / Creative Non-Fiction / Andrea Lunsford (English)