Sebastian Doniach

Professor of Applied Physics, Physics and Photon Science



My group is using small angle x-ray scattering to measure structure-function relationships for small functional RNA molecules such as ribo-switches. This work is being done in collaboration with Dan Herschlag and Rhiju Das of the Biochemistry dept. We are also actively working on modeling pf RA structure and thermodynamics.

Lasers and Accelerators

I am collaborating with John Spence of Arizona state Univ on measurement of correlated scattering using the x-ray laser LCLS to capture enzyme function on micro-second to millisecond time scales. Other people involved include Vijay Pande of Chemistry, Dan Herschlag of biochemistry, and Jerry Hastings and S├ębastien Boutet of SLAC.

Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering

My group is working as part of a consortium with Sarah Heilshorn (MSE) Nick Melosh (MSE) and Andy Spakowitz (Chem Eng) on self-assembly of nano structures from the natural protein clathrin to act as templates for metallization. These could potentially be of interest as experimental battery electrodes or for other applications.

Condensed Matter Physics

I am working on the overlap between statistical mechanics and biomolecular kinetics in terms of analytic solutions of the Fokker Planck equation for simplifies models of molecular motion. This work is being done in collaboration with Joel Franklin of Reed College and Marc Delarue of Inst. Pasteur.

Courses Taught