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Stanford University Department of Public Safety Bicycle Policy

According to Section 7.1 of the Stanford University Traffic and parking Code, "All bicycles used, stored, parked or operated on Stanford property shall be licensed with a valid California bicycle license. Every bicycle must display a valid state-issued sticker imprinted "California Bicycle License" including a unique registration number and a valid state-issued renewal sticker imprinted 'California License Renewal' and 'Date of Expiration Dec. 31, 20XX' indicating a current registration and including a unique registration number. In this chapter 'bicycle' also refers to motorized electric bicycle and motorized scooter."

For a fee of $3.50 per license, your bicycle can be registered with Santa Clara County and if your bicycle is lost or stolen, you can easily be identified as the owner when it is recovered by law enforcement. Parking & Transportation Services is located at 340 Bonair Siding. Bicycle operators may contact the Parking and Transportation Bicycle Program Coordinator at 725-BIKE (2453) for information about how to register.

For more information about bicycles at Stanford see

Bicycles shall be parked only in designated racks placed on campus. When parking your bike, don't obstruct walkways, railings, doorways or ramps intended for use by pedestrians or people with disabilities. Improperly parked bikes may be removed and impounded by the Department of Public Safety. The Department of Public Safety shall not be responsible or liable in any way for lost, stolen, or damaged bicycles. Bicycles shall also be kept in good working order and shall not be allowed to deteriorate or become otherwise derelict.

If left unattended, a bicycle may be tagged as abandoned with a warning notice by the Department of Public Safety. If the bicycle is not removed within fourteen days, the department will impound it without further notice. This abatement process is performed in student living areas and other areas of campus on an ongoing basis. The Department of Public Safety has the sole authority to determine whether a bicycle is abandoned. A bicycle is determined to be abandoned when it is found in the same location over an extended period of time (generally two weeks or more) with any combination of missing parts, dust/cobweb covered, flat tires, and rusted chain. If an impounded abandoned bicycle is registered under this policy, the Department of Public Safety shall make a good faith effort to contact the registered owner so that they may reclaim their bicycle. If an abandoned bicycle is not registered under this policy, the Department of Public Safety will dispose of the bicycle after holding it for ninety (90) days. The Department of Public Safety is not responsible for the cost of locks, chains, other security devices, or any other item that may be damaged or destroyed as a result of removing any bicycle. The Department of Public Safety has no responsibility or liability to replace or make compensation for such items.

The University has the authority to sell, surplus, destroy, or otherwise dispose of any removed bicycle. If you think your bicycle was impounded for being abandoned within the past ninety days, please contact the Department of Public Safety at to arrange an appointment to view the impounded bicycles. Be prepared to show proof of ownership and ID in order to have the bicycle released to you. The Department of Public Safety has sole authority to determine the sufficiency of such evidence, and the determination shall not be subject to protest, appeal, or review. Prior to the Department of Public Safety releasing the bicycle to its owner, if the bicycle is not already licensed, the owner will be required to license the bicycle in accordance with California law.

For more information about University bicycle policies, please see chapters 5, 6 and 7 of the Stanford University Traffic and Parking Code.


Bike Safety Programs

SUDPS offers bike safety programs for student groups, work groups, and elementary schools. Please contact our community outreach coordinator for more information or to schedule a bike safety seminar for your group. You may also attend one of our twice monthly Bike Safety Presentations as a part of our Bike Diversion Program.

Please also check our Bike Events Calendar listed below for bicycle program offerings given through several different departments on campus throughout the year.


Bike Diversion Program - Bike Safety Presentations

Bike Safety Presentations are offered as a part of SUDPS' Bike Diversion Program. These presentations are part of a program initiative to educate cyclists about fundamental bicycle safety.

You may attend class once every 18 months in lieu of paying for a bicycle citation. If you receive a second citation within 18 months of the first citation, you will have to pay the fine. You must register and attend a Bike Safety Presentation available within 30 days of your violation.

Class size is limited and space is not guaranteed, so register early as classes fill quickly!

Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation. Please print and bring a copy of this email with you to class as proof of registration. Thank you.

Bike Safety Presentations are open to everyone; however, you must register to attend the class; walkins are not accepted as seating is limited. Click on the link below to register for an upcoming Bike Diversion Program Bike Safety Presentation.

If you have not received a bicycle citation but would like to learn more about bike safety, feel free to register as a guest attendee. Please enter "Guest" in the registration form where it says Citation Number and Date of Issue, and enter "Education" under Reason for Citation. Thank you.

Please click on the link below to see the next available Bike Safety Presentations offered by SUDPS and to register for a class.

Classes are held at the Public Safety Police Compound training facility,
679 Pampas Lane,
near the Stanford Credit Union on the corner of Serra St. and Pampas Lane.

Classes begin promptly at the scheduled time. Entry will not be permitted if you arrive after the class has begun.

Register online by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact our office via email at
or by phone during office hours at (650)723-9633.


Bicycle Registration

Please see chapter 7 of the Stanford University Traffic and Parking Code for more information on the University policy regarding bicycle licensing. Register your bike at the Parking & Transportation Services office; it's your best chance of recovering it if stolen. The registration fee is $3.50 and lasts for three years.

To register your bicycle, bring your bicycle to the P&TS office at 340 Bonair Siding (leave bikes outside the lobby, please), and fill out a bicycle registration form. Please note that you must have your bike with you so that the serial number can be verified.


Bicycle Abatement Program

The Department of Public Safety removes abandoned bicycles from racks in order to maintain an adequate number of secure parking spaces and thereby discourage bicycle theft. Bicycles may also be removed from bike racks which are being relocated due to construction. Bicycles identified for removal are posted with a notice informing the owner that they must remove the bicycle from its current location within fourteen days or the bicycle will be impounded. Simply removing the notice will not stop your bicycle from being impounded, only the removal of the bicycle from that rack will let us know that the owner has not abandoned the bicycle.

All impounded bicycles are then brought to a Public Safety facility for processing. The bicycles are held for a minimum of 90 days before they are donated to local charities. During this time, an attempt is made to contact the owners of the bicycles through California bicycle registration records to ascertain whether they wish to exercise their ownership rights.

If you believe your bicycle may have been removed and you wish to claim it, please contact the Bicycle Abatement Unit at If possible, have your bicycle license number handy. If you do not have a license and the Department of Public Safety has your bicycle, you will be required to show proof of purchase of a bike license before your bicycle will be released to you.

** Please do not leave your bike locked at a bicycle rack when you leave campus for an extended period of time. **


Summer Abandoned Bicycle Abatement

It is strongly recommended that you arrange for storage of your bicycle over the summer. If your bicycle is collected as abandoned by the Department of Public Safety during the summer break, it will be stored outdoors at a Public Safety impound yard until October 11. Those bicycles not claimed by their owners will be donated to a local charity after that time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you leave your bicycle locked to a rack or other outdoor object after the end of the spring quarter, your bicycle will be declared abandoned, your lock will be cut and your bicycle impounded. Housing construction and cleaning projects take place during the summer and bicycles that are not removed from bike racks near the residences and other campus locations may be impounded as a result.

The Department of Public Safety will charge a $40 storage fee if your bike is impounded during this period. You will not be reimbursed if it was necessary to cut your lock in order to impound your bicycle. Please make appropriate storage arrangements before leaving campus for the summer or other extended periods.


SUDPS Abandoned Bicycle Sales Program

  • Stanford Bicycle Sales are scheduled approximately once each quarter
  • The next bike sale has been postponed due to rainy weather. The next sale will take place at noon on **Thursday, March 17, 2016**.
  • Stanford ID and Bike Sale Ticket (see below) must be presented to participate in the sale.
  • Each bike is $30 payable only by cash, personal check, money order or cashier's check.
  • We will assist you in completing any required documentation to register your bicycle with the state of California. Parking and Transportation (P&TS) staff will be on-site to help register your bike. There is a separate fee of $3.50 payable to P&TS for the bike registration.
Obtaining a Bike Sale Ticket
  • You must obtain a Bike Sale Ticket to enter the Bike Sale.
  • Tickets may only be obtained the morning of the bike sale starting at 7:00am until all tickets have been issued.
  • The number of tickets issued will match the number of bikes on sale.
  • Bring your Stanford ID to the Stanford Police Department front desk, located at 711 Serra St. during the time noted above to receive a Bike Sale Ticket.
  • Only those with a ticket and a Stanford ID will be admitted to the sale.
  • At 11:45 a.m., bring your ticket and Stanford ID to the bike sale area at the intersection of Campus Dr. and Bonair Siding. A staff member will be there to assist you in lining up according to ticket number.
  • Starting at NOON, individuals will be allowed into the Bike Sale area by number. Each individual will be given a few minutes to view and make a choice before the next individual(s) are allowed in.
***If you're not in line when your number is called to view the bikes, you will be required to go to the end of the line.

Additional Information About SUDPS Abandoned Bike Sales

  • All bicycles available for sale have been held for at least 90 days. After 90 days they are declared unclaimed abandoned property.
  • There are a limited number of bikes in each sale, since many impounded bikes are in very poor condition.
  • Each buyer completes a Release/Waiver form agreeing that the bike is sold "as is" with no guarantees, refunds, or liability from Stanford.
  • Professional evaluation and repair of any purchased bike is encouraged for safety; and is the sole responsibility of the buyer.
  • Once the sale transaction is complete, the bike must be taken off the lot.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I send E-Mail Questions?
Where do I register my bike?
Why should I register my bike?
What if I lose my bike lock key?
I left my bike locked to a rack over the summer...and now I can't find it.
My bike was stolen-where can I report it?
My bike is missing and unlicensed / unregistered... what can I do?

And The Answers...

Please send all E-Mail Questions to

Where do I register my bike?
Bicycles may be registered at Parking and Transportation Services, 340 Bonair Siding and every Friday from 11am-2pm in White Plaza (weather permitting). The fee is $3.50.

Why should I register my bike?
A bike registration is essentially the only means the Department of Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies have to identify bikes that come into their possession. If your bike is ever stolen and recovered, a registration will allow the police to return the bike to you. Likewise, if your bike is ever impounded because you left it locked to a rack for an extended period of time, a registration will allow us to return your bike to you.

What if I lose my bike lock key?
The Department of Public Safety no longer removes bicycle locks. This duty has been handed over to the Campus Bike Shop, (650) 723-9300. They will charge a nominal fee.

I left my bike locked to a rack for an extended amount of time...and now I can't find it.
Your bicycle may have been impounded by the Department of Public Safety. Please contact the Bicycle Abatement Unit by e-mail at If we do not have your bike, then we would advise you to file a stolen bicycle report.

My bike was stolen - where can I report it?
If you see a bicycle theft in progress, call 9-911 from campus phones, 9-1-1 from pay phones (a free call), or use the blue emergency towers. Otherwise, contact Stanford Police at (650) 723-9633 during regular business hours and at (650) 329-2413 during non-business hours.

My bike is missing and unlicensed/unregistered... what can I do?
Without a sales receipt or license registration, you cannot make a claim that a missing bike is "yours." To make a claim to abandoned property is a legal issue. The bicycle abatement officer must be convinced beyond a doubt that the bike belongs to the claimant. No one may "show up" at the bike impound lot to "look" for their missing bike.

First step:

  1. Email the Bicycle Abatement Unit a complete description of the missing, unlicensed bike
    1. Where and when it was last seen
    2. Make
    3. Model
    4. Color
    5. Wheel type
    6. Accessories (basket, bell, light, fender)
    7. Features to distinguish it from other bikes of its type (stickers, seat, condition, handlebars)

    Based on the above information, I can often determine if we have impounded the bike.
  2. Schedule an appointment during designated times to search for the bike
    Then, if found in impound,
  3. License the bike at Parking and Transportation
  4. If impounded during Summer Break, pay the $40 Summer Storage fee with exact cash or check