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  • AlertSU
    - Stanford University's system to deliver time-sensitive emergency notifications via voice mail, email and text-messaging to the entire Stanford student, faculty and staff population soon after an emergency affecting the University campus.
  • Diversity and Access Office
    - The Diversity and Access office ensures University compliance with federal, state and local regulations concerning non-discrimination and disability access. The office provides a variety of services and resources, and also provides assistance to individuals with disabilities who have requests for accommodations in the workplace and to access Stanford facilities, programs and activities.
  • Title IX
    - Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex (gender) in educational programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. For a copy of the Title IX policy, click here: Title IX policy.
    Stanford University is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination on the basis of sex (gender).
  • Emergency Response Guide for Faculty and Staff
    - Recommendations for how to prepare and respond to a variety of emergency situations.
  • Violence Prevention & Response on Campus
    - Information and resources on the prevention of violence, potential threat response, and campus threat-assessment team.
  • The Dish at Stanford
    - Information on the Stanford Dish area.
  • Parking & Transportation Services
    - The P&TS site is the first resource for commuting to Stanford, parking and other transportation information.
  • Parking Citation Administrative Review (appeal)
    - Requests for a parking citation review (appeal) can now be made quickly and easily online.
  • Pedestrian Zone Access Protocol
    - For information on the Pedestrian Zone policy and the use of golf cart type vehicles.
  • Stanford Emergency Medical Service (StEMS)
    - StEMS is a student group of certified EMT-Basics that provide standby medical services free of charge for Stanford campus events.

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