Safety & Security Report

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Bomb Threat Safety Instructions

** Take all bomb threats seriously **

  • Call 9-911 immediately

  • Notify your Supervisor

  • Notify other building occupants

    • Public Safety Officers will be dispatched to your location. Follow their instructions precisely. You may be evacuated from your work area, your floor, or from the building.
    • If there is a building evacuation, take your belongings and go directly to the Emergency Assembly Point (EAP). This symbol is mounted on a post outside your building and marks your EAP.*
    • Be patient and wait for further instructions.
    • For more information contact Environmental Health & Safety - Emergency Preparedness (650) 725-1409.
  • * Know where your EAP is before an emergency occurs. EAP locations for all campus buildings are found at:

If you receive a telephoned bomb threat -- Try to stay calm. Listen carefully to get information from the caller, such as the caller's gender, age, unique speech attributes and any background noises that might be clues to the caller's location.

Listen also for clues about where the device is, when it is set to go off, what it looks like, why it was placed. If the threat message was delivered -- describe the messenger or any other suspicious persons in the area to the 9-911 Operator.

If you receive a suspicious package in the mail, or observe an abandoned box, backpack, etc. -- move away from the area and advise others nearby to do the same. Report situation details to the 9-911 Operator.

Information provided by Stanford University Departments of Public Safety
and Environmental Health & Safety.