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Letter and Package Bomb Indicators

Detecting Suspicious Packages / Letters

REMEMBER: The item does not have to be delivered by a carrier. Most bombers set up and deliver the bomb themselves.
  • If delivered by carrier, inspect for lumps, bulges, or protrusions, without applying pressure.
  • If delivered by carrier, balance check if lopsided or heavy sided.
  • Handwritten addresses or labels from companies are improper. Check to see if the company exists and if they sent a package or letter.
  • Packages wrapped in string are automatically suspicious, as modern packaging materials have eliminated the need for twine or string.
  • Excess postage on small packages or letters indicates that the object was not weighed by the Post Office.
  • No postage or non-canceled postage.
  • Any foreign writing, addresses, or postage.
  • Handwritten notes, such as: "To Be Opened in the Privacy of", "CONFIDENTIAL", etc.
  • Improper spelling of common names, places, or titles.
  • Generic or incorrect titles.
  • Leaks, stains, or protruding wires, string, tape, etc.
  • Hand delivered or dropped off for a friend packages or letters.
  • No return address or nonsensical return address.
  • Any letters or packages arriving before or after a phone call from an unknown person asking if the item was received.

If you have a suspicious letter or package,
Call: 911 or 9-911 from a campus phone.

Information provided by the Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.