Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
Who can join Staffers?
Membership in this staff group includes all people who work on campus, full-time or part-time, temporary or permanent, and retirees of Stanford.
Want to join Staffers?

If you are a current Stanford employee, please go to our Mailman subscription page and join with your email account.

What does membership consist of? Membership consists of being part of an email community ( that will alert you to educational, social, and vocational opportunities. In addition, Staffers sponsors some events, which arise when individual staff members volunteer to take care of the logistics. All such arrangements are done through their generous contribution of time and energy, with financial support from the Diversity & Access Office.
Are there any dues or paperwork to be completed?

No, membership is free -- no dues and no paperwork!

Do you have regular meetings? Staffers does not currently have any routine meetings scheduled. The group is more event-based than calendar-based.
How can we keep Staffers dynamic? You can help keep Staffers dynamic by volunteering to host an event of help with an event. The only requirement is a willingness to attend an occasional noon-hour or just-after-work planning meeting. If you could do more, that would be great, but it is not required. Meetings are generally for event planning or you could volunteer to coordinate a single event.
Can I post a message to the email distribution list? Yes, the list is open for Stanford staff members to post messages of interest to colleagues. Please keep in mind the University's prohibition against using such means for personal gain or for commercial purposes. Also remember that your message will be sent to over 700 people.
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