Welcome to the… Technosphere?

In this interview, Dr. Peter Haff of Duke sits down with Mike (and Mike sits down with Leslie) to explain the Technosphere. We learn that technology is emerging as a geologic force, what that means for the future of the planet, and how geologic perspectives are being reshaped in the Anthropocene.

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Peter Haff
Dr. Haff studies the neoenvironment, defined as the total environment in which we live. It is the sum of the natural, human, and technological systems and processes that surround us. It includes for example forest ecosystems, animals and machines, nanotechnology, the internet, highways, medical systems, power grids, human populations, political parties, governments and bureaucracies, robots and religions and their interactions with each other. In an age in which both the level and acceleration of technology are high, understanding and living with our “environment” can only mean understanding and living with the neoenvironment. Technology cannot be factored out of the neoenvironment leaving only natural processes. The neoenvironment must be understood as a whole. There are many consequences for the future of human-well being that flow from the emergence of the neoenvironment and my research examines some of them.


Mike Osborne
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