Blizzards & climate change & the Anthropocene, oh my!

Mountaineer and social entrepreneur Tom Bowman starts us off with a story of survival. With some help from producers Miles Traer and Leslie Chang, Tom explains how survival literature can provide lessons for confronting some of the changes we’re experiencing in the Anthropocene.

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Tom Bowman
A social entrepreneur from the get-go, Tom founded an exhibit design company that often focused on science museums and aquariums, like helping the National Academy of Sciences define the mission and vision for their new science museum.  A project for the Koshland Science Museum on climate change redirected Tom’s personal and career journey. He became Mr. Green for his industry’s largest trade publication. He won a prestigious statewide small business award in California for walking the talk, using his own company as a lab for cutting carbon emissions cost effectively. Most importantly, he began consulting with scientists, economists, government leaders, communications researchers and others on what he believes is our essential quest—to get the public engaged in responding to the climate challenge.  He’s learned a lot and earned a high degree the trust and respect of from all these diverse experts along the way. And he learned one thing for sure: we need to integrate all these areas of expertise— particularly climate science, behavioral science, and communications—if we’re going harness the public’s will to meet the enormous challenge that climate change presents.


Miles Traer
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