Revisit a classic: Save the whales 2.0

Conservation biologist Leah Gerber discusses her work with marine ecosystem conservation, the remarkable backlash to a proposal she and her colleagues made, and the difficulties working between two entrenched ideologies.

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Leah Gerber
Dr. Gerber is a broadly trained population ecologist and marine conservation biologist interested in articulating science based policies for sustaining the health of the world’s oceans.  In general her goals are to use the best available science to build defensible theories for decision-making in marine ecosystems.  This approach includes a solid grounding in natural history and primary data collection, quantitative methods and an appreciation for the interactions between humans and the population dynamics of marine organisms. By developing novel modeling tools, her lab can incorporate highly uncertain scientific information to make efficient conservation decisions about reserve design, sustainable fisheries and endangered species management.


Samantha Larson
Samantha Larson is a master’s student in Earth systems at Stanford, with specialized emphases in ocean sciences and environmental journalism. She also likes to spend as much of her time as possible playing in the mountains, climbing on granite walls, or diving under the sea.

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