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We here at Generation Anthropocene are on hiatus for the next few months (starting Sept. 10) as our producers complete their PhD research.  This means that we will no longer be releasing our podcast episodes every week.  BUT we will be back!  In the meantime, our Twitter and Facebook pages will continue to keep you updated on cool things going on in the world of Earth Sciences and the Anthropocene.  Thank you for your interest, support, and curiosity.

-Team Generation Anthropocene

Follow Up

A few weeks ago, we made an announcement that we’d be trying out some new material on our site while we spent a little more time working on larger audio stories.  We’ve now got a few written pieces out there and a video too.  We’ve been really thrilled with the response to this work, and thanks to all of you for the kind words.  For those audiophiles out there, please don’t fret.  We’re excited to say that this week, we’re in final preparations of our first big, shiny, new story.  Look for it soon on our site, on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or anywhere else you find our show.

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Anthropocene & Munchkin Mash-Up!

The Anthropocene isn’t easy to wrap our heads around.  After all, the Anthropocene is a new geologic age defined by overpopulation, severe loss of biodiversity, and human manipulation of the climate system.  Each of those Anthropocene elements requires years of scientific research to fully understand, and the interplay between them seems complicated, to say the least.  How do we begin to deal with these issues?  Strangely, the Anthropocene might be the answer as well because it’s also defined by our technology and our innovations that help combat the large-scale environmental problems we seem to be rushing towards.  For those of us with (perhaps) strange minds and a love of games, the potential dangers that define the Anthropocene and our methods to do battle with those dangers line up on opposite sides, much like the pieces on a chess board.  It is in that spirit that I made this game: a mash-up between the all of the elements that define the Anthropocene and the addictingly fun card game Munchkin created by Steve Jackson. Continue reading