Science…Sort Of & GenAnthro: Where the wild things aren’t

On today’s episode, our friend and co-creator of the wildly popular Science…Sort Of podcast, Ryan Haupt, joins us to talk about Pleistocene re-wilding.  If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry!  Follow along as we try to figure it out too.  Along the way, Ryan touches on the science of Iron Man, African elephant birth control, running zebras in the Kentucky Derby, and the worst safari ever.

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Ryan Haupt 
Ryan is a PhD student at the University of Wyoming studying paleoecology, using fossil teeth to determine the eating habits of ancient herbivores.  Additionally (read: more importantly), Ryan is the co-founder of the podcast Science…Sort Of, where he and the paleopals talk about things that are science, things that aren’t science, and things that wish they were science.  He is a frequent contributor to iFanboy, and his writing has also been published at Marvel (yes, that Marvel… like, Avengers Marvel).  Ryan also blogs at Living the Sci Life, and tweets @haupt.


Miles Traer
Miles Traer began his academic career at UC Berkeley with a double major in Geophysics and Art History.  He is currently a fifth-year PhD student in the Tectonic Geomorphology Lab modeling the evolution of the seafloor.  Miles was first turned on to podcasts in 2007 and quickly became an avid consumer.  Some of his favorites include The BS Report, the StarTalk Radio podcast, In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, The Nerdist, and WTF with Marc Maron.  In addition to his work as a scientist, Miles works as a part-time artist, contributing the art of this website including the portraits found on each interview’s page (drawn by hand).  When he’s not working on science or this podcast, you can generally find him cooking cajun gumbo and listening to blues.

Leslie Chang
Leslie Chang is a recent graduate of Stanford University, where she studied Earth Systems and creative writing. She has been a correspondent for Generation Anthropocene since the podcast’s earliest days, and fully joined the team after graduating in June 2012. In her spare time, she might be found camping, cooking, teaching piano, or enjoying a book with a mug of coffee. She is an avid fan of NPR, sea otters, SNL, free food samples, and anyone who posts interesting articles to Twitter. That could be you.

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