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SmartMart Electronic Ordering

Certain suppliers, known as SmartMart suppliers, are set up in Stanford's SmartMart ordering system in Oracle iProcurement.

SmartMart suppliers can be either "punchout" or "hosted" suppliers. To order from "punchout" suppliers, Stanford users go directly to the supplier's site via SmartMart (powered by SciQuest), configure their shopping cart, and bring the cart back into SmartMart. "Hosted" suppliers upload a spreadsheet of their products to the SciQuest application, and Stanford users generate a shopping cart based on these catalog items. All cart items are brought from SmartMart into our Oracle purchasing system for generation and processing of the PO.

All Stanford employees have access to the SmartMart purchasing system.

SmartMart suppliers receive orders and transmit invoices in a manner agreed upon by the supplier, Stanford and SciQuest. The preferred format is cXML, but EDI, paper and PO-to-Invoice-Flip are also being used.

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Advantages of SmartMart Ordering

There are two main advantages of being a SmartMart supplier:

  • SmartMart is the first place Stanford staff usually look when they think about ordering something. If your product is there, they can order it easily.
  • Electronic invoices can be paid much more quickly than paper invoices.
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Becoming a Stanford SmartMart Supplier

To become a Stanford SmartMart supplier, you must:

  • be a supplier from whom Stanford already purchases a large amount (measured in dollars or number of invoices), and
  • be able to set up a hosted or punchout catalog with SciQuest.

Please contact Financial Support Center (3-2772) for more information.

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