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Our Vision

The founding principle of this organization is that all children have a right to quality education. We believe that education not only helps people break out of the cycle of poverty, but also adds ineffable worth to their lives that goes beyond material needs and desires to enrich both the mind and soul. Education makes dreams possible. It gives people hope.
Furthermore, we believe that child education is the only way that national development will ever be sustainable. Education can break the cycle of corruption and bad leadership in developing countries, because it empowers and liberates people, while at the same time making them responsible citizens. It changes the way people think about their countries and what they can do to build a brighter future. It creates the leaders of tomorrow.
Education is perhaps
the most important good today. Without it, transforming other sectors of the socio-economic landscape of developing nations, such as health, gender-equality, business, agriculture and so on, will prove to be impossible. Moreover, providing basic literacy will not solve any issues in the long-term. Individuals must be able be equipped with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, if they are to continue the process of national development. The right of all children to quality education must be addressed.
In the end, every child deserves equal opportunity. As people blessed with an education ourselves, it is our duty and our responsibility to make sure that quality education does not remain a privilege of the few but becomes a free commodity for all.

Our Mission

To increase awareness within and around the Stanford community of political, social and economic issues relating to the education of children and youth in developing countries generally, Kenya and Bangladesh particularly.
To support education development projects in Kenya and Bangladesh through raising funds for school building and renovation, educational materials and other maintenance costs.
To cultivate the concept of internationalism with respect to education in developing countries among Stanford community members, whereby individuals develop an understanding of political, social and economic issues relating to education in different countries.
To build leadership skills among individuals geared towards issues of education in Kenya and Bangladesh, whereby individuals are aware of their responsibility to work for the cause of education and are able to carry out this responsibility effectively.

Our Focus

REACH has been founded with a global perspective but a special focus on the countries of Kenya and Bangladesh because we believe that in order to serve to the best of our abilities, we must not only have a breadth but also a depth of knowledge. Kenya and Bangladesh are the two nations where we already have ties with reputable development agencies – ensuring every dime that we raise goes towards the people who need it. In addition, they give us bases in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, two regions where the need for quality education is most acute.