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NEW In and December 2015 paper Darryl Wheye and Prof. Paul Ehrlich ask: Are there caterpillars on butterfly wings? The answer has numerous implications including the role of bird predators.
NEW Hummingbird Garden planted at Green Library in association with the Art at Exits exhibit (below). The garden is designed to provide year-round nectar for the three species of hummingbirds seen on campus. It is located at the East portal, near Coupa Cafe.
Art at Exits: Seeing Stanford Species
 The exhibit--and its web coverage--begins with ten works by Audubon featuring birds found on Stanford's main campus. The Audubons are placed near building exits opening toward areas the featured birds frequent. Captions provide a science lens. More Audubons are coming.

[Supported in part by National Audubon Society, Science Art-Nature, and at Stanford University by the Bill Lane Center for the American West, the Center for Conservation Biology, and the Stanford Arts Institute, with prints, custom frames and installation provided by VKK Signmakers, Inc.]

Science Art & Nature Walks of the Stanford Campus Podcasts Download Loop 2 (1 hour 10 min) and Loop 7 (1 hour) Donald Kennedy, Paul Ehrlich, Katherine Preston and Darryl Wheye [Supported in part by the Stanford Arts Institute]

Birds of Stanford is based on The Birder's Handbook (Paul Ehrlich,
David Dobkin, and Darryl Wheye. 1988. Simon & Schuster, New York).
It provides coverage for:

--125 species seen many years on the academic reserve and another 50 that may be occasionally sighted and includes a form for submitting observations that will help annotate species coverage;
-- notes on five avian-rich campus areas and their birds (Arboretum, Central Campus, Dish, Lake Lagunita, and Memorial Marsh);
-- a checklist,
-- a gallery of instructive photographs and artwork; and a form for submitting images to the gallery

:printable Checklist of Campus Birds

Birds of Stanford: 30 Species Seen on the Main Campus.
This pocket-sized 44-page booklet has been available from the Stanford Bookstore, but might be sold out. Look in the 'All About Stanford' section. If you don't see it, please ask customer service.
For information, contact

Artist Registry is designed for ornithological researchers seeking original art to accompany their publications and seeks

to encourage the creation of great, biologically informative bird art (Science Art), to expand the publication and exhibition of high-end images, and to broaden the audience interested in learning about advances in bird biology and challenges to conservation efforts

Access the Registry's Science Art Exhibit

Science Art-Nature provides information about Science Art:

     SA-N's most recent Science Art Exhibit, "Windows on Evolution: An Artistic
     Celebration of Charles Darwin", which launched Darwin's Day, February 12, 2013

     SA-N's second Science Art Exhibit, "Bringing Symposia to Life", which was
     inspired by the 2011 annual meeting of the AAAS in Washington, DC.
     in part by Stanford Arts Institute and the Center for Conservation Biology (CCB)]

     SA-N's first Science Art Exhibit, which was produced in conjunction with the
     2010 Pacific Division AAAS meeting [Supported in part by the
     Stanford Arts Institute and the Center for Conservation Biology (CCB)]

      sample pages from
               Humans, Nature, and Birds: Science Art from Cave Walls
               to Computer Screens
(Darryl Wheye and Donald Kennedy.
               2008. Yale University Press, New Haven).
 [Published with
               assistance from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Public
               Understanding of Science and Technology Program].

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