05/31/16 - 06/03/16


What is Driving Big Data?
We increasingly live our social, economic, and intellectual lives in the digital realm, enabled by new tools and technologies. These activities generate massive data sets, which in turn refine the tools. How will this co-evolution of technology and data reshape society, institutions, and relationships?

Creating New Value
Big data changes what can be known about the world, transforming science, industries, and culture. It reveals solutions to social problems and allows products and services to be even more targeted. Where will big data create the greatest sources of new value?

Shifting Power And Influence
As data becomes even more valuable, who will own and control access to it? Will big data create information oligarchs or reduce inequality by giving access to people at the margins? How will brokers of big data influence our purchases, behavior, and beliefs?

Managing The Tradeoffs
The promise of big data is accompanied by perils—in terms of privacy, security, reputation, and social and economic disruption. How will we manage these tradeoffs individually and in business, government, and civil society?


Discover new insights from multiple disciplines (e.g., engineering, psychology, computer science, business, education, law, medicine) about the applications and impacts of big data in business, government, civil society and our individual lives.

Synthesize expert opinions from researchers and Silicon Valley innovators to understand big data's opportunities and challenges. Balance the tradeoffs between individual privacy and security and social value.

Apply strategies for leveraging the potential of big data while managing potential vulnerabilities, both personally and organizationally.


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Sample Media From The Science Of Decision Making

The Complexities of Privacy Worldview investigates:

Online Privacy

The End of Marketing Worldview interviews:

Michal Kosinski

Big Data, Big Questions Worldview animates:

Big Data Questions

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Experts You’ll Meet

Michal Kosinski,

PhD, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Computational social scientist researching humans in digital environments

Sharad Goel,

PhD, Assistant Professor of Management Science and Engineering
Computational social scientist studying politics, media, and social networks

Jennifer Granick,

JD, Director of Civil Liberties, Stanford Law School Center for the Internet and Society
Expert on privacy, cybersecurity, and civil liberties

A unique way to connect to a broad range of remarkable people,among the participants, speakers, and Stanford researchers, and enter into deep, meaningful conversations about things that matter.

Christian Crews, Independent Consultant


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