Forbes Asia April 2010
   Sons Rise in a Moon Shadow
Donald Kirk
Reverend Moon's sons are vying, even sparring, to restore a spiritual enterprise.

Tim W. Ferguson
Japan Inc. can't play a waiting game.

Current Events
Lee Kuan Yew
Relations between China and the U.S. will move forward, despite periodic conflicts.

A History Tour of Phnom Penh's Buildings
Ron Gluckman
Phnom Penh is one of Asia's most architecturally intact cities.

Mark Hurd Wants It All
Quentin Hardy
Hewlett-Packard's chief wants to clean the clocks of IBM, Cisco and everybody else. Plus: a chat with Mphasis' chief, Ganesh Ayyar.

Taiwan's 40 Richest
Russell Flannery
Almost all of the island's entrepreneurs got richer, but the top spot belongs to Terry Gou, whose company makes products for Apple and Nintendo.

Companies, People, Ideas
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Companies, People, Ideas

Game Changer
Susan Adams
Scott James wants to change the way Nike does business.

Andy Greenberg
Charlie Miller has a habit of upending Apple's security claims.

Backseat Driver | Detroit's Long Road
Jerry Flint
The U.S. auto industry isn't dead, but it isn't back, either. Americans still disdain Detroit's cars. They'd rather have a Camry than a Malibu.

Water Rights and Human Rights
David Zetland
The poor will not need our charity if we need their water.

War Horse
Daniel Fisher
Covidien's Richard Meelia saw the good, the bad and the ugly from Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski.

Oil, Oil Everywhere
Christopher Helman
Occidental Petroleum's California gusher.

Designer Young Woo Takes Mahattan
Lauren Sherman
Designer Young Woo has a feel for the pulse of New York.

Road to Riches
Naazneen Karmali
Billionaire Jaiprakash Gaur made his money with hydropower and now stands to make much more as he builds India's longest toll roads and plans sprawling townships.

Square Enix's Financial Fantasy
Oliver Chiang
Japan's Square Enix is branching out.

Taking a Smarter Route
Donald Frazier
Singapore upstart Pteris takes on big boys in the rough-and-tumble world of building airport baggage systems

Sister of Charity
Shu-Ching Jean Chen
Buddhist nun has built the biggest charity in the Chinese world.

Nature and Nurture
Anuradha Raghunathan
Dabur India takes a traditional approach to health and beauty.

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We See You!
Christopher Steiner
Hector Hoyos' iris scanners could wipe out identity theft.

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Friending the Elderly in Japan
Alexandra Harney
Shinji Yamasaki's social networking site aims for Japan's geriatric set.

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Forbes Asia Life

The Sporting Life
Monte Burke
Baseball, tennis, fishing, golf, skydiving--they've shaped, and still animate, George H.W. Bush.

Luxury Tree Houses
David Hochman
Luxury hideaways go out on a limb.

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