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Centers & Initiatives

When you contribute to Centers and Initiatives for Research, Curriculum & Learning Experiences (CIRCLE) you advance the Stanford GSB mission by supporting faculty in the development of research and curriculum, as well as by engaging students and alumni.

Current research initiatives examine topics that include corporate governance, entrepreneurship, value chain innovation, data and analytics, and technology, platforms, and markets.

Stanford Venture Studio

The Stanford Venture Studio, a part of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES), is a vibrant learning environment for Stanford graduate students across all disciplines who want to learn about designing and creating sustainable, high-impact ventures by testing what they are learning in the classroom. The Stanford Venture Studio provides a supportive, resourced network where students benefit from being immersed in the Stanford entrepreneurial community.

  • Gift amount: $10,000

CSI Innovation Fund

Gifts to the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) help signal the importance of social innovation to the school’s community and help fund growth in areas such as new course development, research and teaching, student programs, and alumni programs. The CSI Innovation Fund provides financial support for programs such as Social Innovation Study Trips.

  • Gift amount: $10,000

Summer Immersion Fellowship for Social Innovation Leaders

The Summer Immersion Fellowship for Social Innovation Leaders (SMIF) supports MBA students who take summer internships with nonprofits, government agencies, and social purpose businesses. Many nonprofits, social enterprises, and government organizations have summer employment opportunities for graduate students, yet find it difficult to fund MBA-level salaries. SMIF supplements the employer contribution to bring a fellow’s compensation in line with the salaries earned by peers working in the for-profit sector.

  • Gift amount: $10,000

Responsible Business Lab

Sustainability requires the reconciliation of environmental, social, and economic demands, which has given rise to a range of organizational approaches in the corporate world. The Responsible Business Lab exposes students to a variety of strategies to reduce business operations externalities when creating a product or providing a service and to develop synergies with communities and the environment. Students participate in lectures and hands-on, experiential projects that allow them to seek knowledge, practice, and networks that can inspire and support their future shared-value efforts.

  • Gift amount: $10,000

Social Impact Fund

The Social Impact Fund exposes students to impact investing - the intentional investing for both financial and measurable social and environmental returns. Your gift will enable students to manage an investment fund with faculty oversight, under the guidance of the Center for Social Innovation. Alumni and expert practitioners provide strategic guidance on co-investing, sourcing, structuring deals, measuring impact, portfolio allocation, and exits. The student-managed fund will make investments across multiple sectors in early-stage for-profit social purpose ventures. Financial returns are invested back into the learning experience.

All levels of corporate investors will receive: