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Conradin von Gugelberg Memorial Lecture

The annual Conradin von Gugelberg Memorial Lecture honors a member of the MBA Class of ’87, and was founded by his peers to foster environmental responsibility among business students.

The lecture series ignited new conversations on campus at a time when awareness of climate change was very low. Over the years, these conversations became ubiquitous on the Stanford GSB campus and beyond.

The Sustainable Business Club, the Food and Agriculture Club, and the Energy Club run regular events, including events featuring speakers or panels, small group dinners, career support groups, and retreats. These activities support students in developing their knowledge and networks around topics related to water, energy, food, sustainable supply chains, conservation, biodiversity, and more.

Just as the environmental conversation is now part of the DNA of the school, the Conradin von Gugelberg lecture has become part of the fabric of the school and is offered within Stanford GSB’s signature Global Speaker Series.

2015 Memorial Lecture

At the April 23, 2015, event at Stanford GSB, Mark Tercek, the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy, presented another model of environmentalism: a collaborative movement in which environmentalists, businesspeople, and government officials come together to tackle the biggest problems today. Water. Biodiversity. Even climate change.