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Envirofacts Reports

Image showing the result set for Multisystem report

Image depicting Facility table, Summary Report, and System Data Report

Image depicting Interactive Map and Other Links

  1. Your entered location – Displays the location you entered.
  2. API link to report data – The “API link to Report Data” feature allows you to embed the generated report in your own documents or web pages.
  3. EPA program – Provides a breakdown by topic of the number of facilities that report to a particular EPA program system office.
  4. Facility Table – Provides a table of the facilities in the location.
  5. Summary Report – This links to the facility detail report.
  6. System Data Report – This links to program system detailed reports.
  7. Other Links – Provides links to additional resources such as a Model and an Overview.
  8. Interactive Map – This provides an interactive map of your location which displays the facilities reporting to EPA.