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2015 PhD Research Projects

Research Project
Michael Adams
Space Enviornment Effects on the Gravity Probe B Satellite Control System
George Anderson
Shape Optimization in Adaptive Search Spaces
Aniket Aranake
Analysis and Design of Shrouded Turbines
Roberto Bunge
Automatic Stall/Spin Detection and Recovery in Fixed-Wing Aircraft
Alejandro Campos
Advance in Structure-Based Modeling of Turbulent Flows
David Dawson
Large-Eddy Simulation of Span-Periodic and Three-Dimensional Shock/Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions
Ashish Goel
Detection and Characterization of Hypervelocity Impacts in Space
Marcus Hammond
Iceberg Profiling with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Eric Hultgren
A Small Scale System for Releasing a Test Mass into Geodesic Orbit
Elizabeth Jens
Hybrid Rocket Combustion and Applications to Space Exploration Missions
Theresa Johnson
Detection and Analysis of the Electromagnetic Pulse From Hypervelocity Dust Impact Plasma Expansion
Manuel López
Towards Industry-Ready High-Order Flow Solvers: Increasing Robustness and Usability
Trent Lukaczyk
Surrogate Modeling and Active Subspaces for Efficient Optimization of Supersonic Aircraft
Emily Sayles
Sensitivity of Separated Flow in a Three-Dimensional, Asymmetric Diffuser to Inlet Condition Perturbations
Brendan Tracey
Machine Learning for Model Uncertainties in Turbulance Models and Monte Carlo Integral Estimation
Ryan Volz
Theory and Applications of Sparsity for Radar Sensing of Ionospheric Plasma
Jonathan Yee
Simulation of Dusty Plasmas and Characterization of their Effects on Irregularities in the Upper Atmosphere