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2013 Affiliates Meeting

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Visualization of Hybrid Combustion
Elizabeth Jens       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Brian Cantwell

Adjoint-Based Methods for Hypersonic Flows in Thermochemical Nonequilibrium 
Sean Copeland       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Juan Alonso

Supersonic Low-Boom Design in the NASA N+2 Project
Trent Lukaczyk       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Juan Alonso

Quadrupole Noise in Turbulent Wake Interaction Problems
Chris Yu       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Sanjiva Lele

Numerical Simulations of a Shock Train in a Constant Area Duct Using Wall-Modeled Large Eddy Simulations
Zach Vane       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Sanjiva Lele

Ephemeris Message for Future Navigation Augmentation
Tyler Reid       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Per Enge

Iceberg-Relative Navigation and Mapping
Marcus Hammond       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Steve Rock

Attitude Determination of Passively Magnetically Stablized Nano Satellites
Roland Burton       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Steve Rock

Black Box for Satellites
Ashish Goel       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Sigrid Close

Turbulence in High Density Plasma Measured by Radar
Jonathan Yee       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Sigrid Close

aLIGO Seismic Interferometer
Daniel Clark       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Daniel DeBra

High Resolution Thermometry Using High Finesse Optical Cavities
Si Tan       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Robert Byer (applied physics)

Future Directions in Space Research: Science Missions, NASA Initiatives, and Commercial Applications

Consulting Prof. Scott Hubbard       Slides

Energy-Stable High-Order Methods for Compressible Viscous Flows
David Williams       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Antony Jameson

Heavy Vehicle Viscous Pressure Drag Optimization
David Manosalvas       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Antony Jameson

Internally-Activated Rovers for All-Access, Low-Gravity Surface Mobility
Ross Allen       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Marco Pavone

Sampling-Based Spacecraft Motion Planning
Joseph Starek       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Marco Pavone

Bio-Inspired Sensing Network Design and Development
Zhiqiang Guo       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang

Design of Smart Adhesive Films for Bondline Integrity Monitoring
Yitao Zhuang       Abstract       Slides
Advisor: Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang

Here are résumés that students asked to have distributed to affiliates members:
Dimitri Alves
Aaron Bisely
Harrison Chau
Sean Copeland
Shandor Dektor
Michael Emory
Alex Fickes
Jeffrey Fike
David Gerson
Kazuma Gunning
Sarah Houts
Vaibhav Kumar
Lawrence Leung
Cyrus Liu
Amrita Lonkar
Ashley Micks
Surajit Roy
Devina Sanjaya
Andrew Smith
Paul Tarantino
Ben Tood
Michael Vitus