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Industrial Affiliates Program

The Industrial Affiliates program for the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University was established in 1959 to foster research collaborations between the Department and the aerospace industry. The Program's Annual Meeting has been held, without interruptions, since the Spring of 1960. 

Benefits of affiliates membership

Members in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Industrial Affiliates Program receive the following benefits:

Participation in annual technical meeting

An annual, one-day meeting where state-of-the-art research is presented by students and faculty in the department, with opportunities for interaction and lab visits.

Direct contact with faculty

A faculty member with appropriate technical interests serves as the affiliate's point of contact within the department. Affiliate companies may contact faculty members for further consultation, discussions and to arrange visits to the affiliate's site.  The purpose of these visits is to make technical presentations of the Program’s research results.  The site presentations and all information, data and results arising from such visitation interactions will be shared with all members and the public.

Dissemination of technical information

Members have online access to all research and poster presentations that take place during the annual meeting.

Exchange of visitors

Opportunities for members to send Visiting Scholars under the University's policies to work in the department's research facilities.

Interaction with industry representatives from other member companies

Opportunities to meet with senior representatives of other affiliate companies.

Contact with graduate students

Affiliates can meet with graduate research students during campus visits and discuss potential job opportunities for them for summer internships or full-time employment.

Membership Fees

Membership in the A/A Industrial Affiliates Program is renewed on a yearly basis. Yearly membership fees are determined by company size based on the following sliding scale:


Number of Employees

Yearly Membership Fee

< 50 Employees


50 – 250 Employees


251 – 500 Employees


500+ Employees



Current Affiliate Members


The Aerospace Company 





King Abdulaziz City of Science & Technology  

Lockheed Martin Corporation 


Northrop Grumman


Space Systems Loral









Volkswagen Research 


Professor Juan J. Alonso, Industrial Affiliates Program Director

Tatiana Wilson, Administrative Contact

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Stanford University
Durand Building, 496 Lomita Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-4035


Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Affiliates Programs Memberships: