The Minor in African Studies (Global Studies: Africa Specialization)

Students majoring in any field qualify for the minor in African Studies by meeting the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 25 units of Africa-related courses. Students may not double-count courses for completing major and minor requirements.
  2. At least one quarter's exposure to a sub-Saharan African language. The Center for African Studies and the Special Languages Program may arrange instruction in any of several languages spoken in West, East, Central, and Southern Africa.
  3. One introductory course that deals with more than one region of Africa.
  4. A minimum 25-page research paper, with a focus on Africa. This paper may be an extension of a previous paper written for an African Studies course.
  5. A designated focus of study, either disciplinary or regional, through a three-course concentration.

Upon completion of requirements, final certification of the minor is made by the Center for African Studies and appears on the student's transcript.

How do I declare an African Studies Minor (Global Studies: African specialization)? 

  1. Set up an appointment with Dr. Laura Hubbard (email below). It is mandatory that you register with the respective advisor.
  2. Register through Axess, together with the specialization advisor, and select the Global Studies Minor.
  3. Then complete and submit the Declaration or Change of Undergraduate Major, Minor, Honors, or Degree Program form to indicate which of the six specializations you are selecting.

Email Dr. Laura Hubbard:

lhubbard [at] stanford [dot] edu


If you encounter any problems with declaring in AXESS, you may submit a HelpSU to the Registrar’s Office (Request Category = Central Office Issues; Request Type = Registrar).


The Certificate in african studies

Students may apply for a certificate in African Studies. Requirements for the certificate are the same as for the minor; however, students may double-count courses applied toward their major or graduate studies. The certificate in African Studies is issued by the Program in African Studies and will not appear on any University record, including the student’s transcript.  For more information and an application, contact the center.


Undergradute Focus in African Studies

Undergraduates may choose an African Studies focus from:

  1. A minor in African Studies offers students the ability to combine a focus on Africa with their major in any other discipline. This offers the students a strong regional specialization. For requirements see the "Minor in African Studies" section of this bulletin.
  2. A major in a traditionally defined academic department such as Anthropology, History, or Political Science. These departments afford ample opportunity to enroll in courses outside the major, leaving the student free to pursue the interdisciplinary study of Africa.
  3. Interdepartmental majors, such as African and African American Studies or International Relations, which offer coordinated and comprehensive interdisciplinary course sequences, permitting a concentration in African Studies.



The Center for African Studies organizes a workshop for students working on senior honors theses on Africa related topics in their home department (i.e. History, International Relations, etc.). We have found that students who work on Africa related topics encounter challenges in writing their theses, which are different from those faced by others in their home department.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Associate Director Laura Hubbard

lhubbard [at] stanford [dot] edu 

or the Center for African Studies

africanstudies [at] stanford [dot] edu