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Advocate for Wild Marin

Marin County naturalist and educator Elizabeth Cooper Terwilliger, ’39 (nursing), died November 27 in a Mill Valley retirement home. She was 97.

Founder of the Terwilliger Nature Education Center, which later became WildCare, the straw-hatted Terwilliger spent decades walking nature trails, campaigning for open space and wetland preservation, and imparting a love of the outdoors to generations of children. She attended the U. of Hawaii, earned a master’s in nutrition from Columbia U. and became a registered nurse after studying at Stanford. President Reagan presented her with the national Volunteer Action Award in 1984. A grove and a marsh have been named for her, and she was inducted into the Marin Women’s Hall of Fame. Her husband of 51 years, Calvin, ’35, MD ’39, died in 1990. Survivors: one son, John; one daughter, Lynn Ellen; and three grandchildren.

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