Norbert Wu

Sharks "the size of min-vans," seldom-seen species and an epic journey beneath the ice of Antarctica are part of the hazardous, breathtaking work of naturalist/photographer Norbert Wu. As he prepares what experts say will be a revolutionary underwater documentary, this Cousteau protege is influencing the way we see the sea.

  • Photo: Mark Estes

    What Are the Costs?

    The practice of implanting borrowed eggs into infertile women has produced thousands of dreams come true for childless families. But wealthy parents-to-be have complicated matters by seeking out trophy candidates and paying them huge sums. Ethicists and practitioners alike are quetsioning whether the price of eggs has gone too high.

  • Photo: Max Hirshfeld

    Loud and Clear

    Frequently critcized for his activist approach, FCC chairman William Kennard wants to ensure that the communications revolution doesn't speed past poorer Americans. He has signaled a willingness to take on powerful corporate and government forces, but will they listen?

  • Photo: Glenn Matsumura

    In a Class by Themselves

    They never had prom dates, never missed the bus, didn't eat cafeteria food. They didn't even get diplomas. But these home-schooled students learned enough about themselves and the world to move to the top of Stanford's applicant pile.