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ReportMart 3

What is ReportMart 3?

ReportMart3 (RM3) is the web portal used for generating reports primarily from the Oracle Financials system at Stanford. The software that powers the generation of RM3 reports is Business Objects.  Almost 200 reports are available. Most are financial, but other topics include faculty and property management data. Nearly all RM3 reports allow prompts to narrow data to users' needs. The ability to see certain data is governed by business offices granting access via Authority Manager. RM3 pulls data from two sources:

  • The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW): day-old financial data from the General Ledger (GL), Grants Accounting (GA), Reimbursements (iOU), and limited budget data
  • Several reports pull data directly from the real-time Production Oracle database

How to Get Access

Any Stanford faculty or staff member may request basic RM3 access via HelpSU. The privilege to run other reports requires permission from the pertinent business owner.

Training, Documentation, and Assistance:

  • Register for classroom training through STARS:  ReportMart3 (FIN-0320)
  • Documentation: Reporting information is available here.
  • For more ReportMart3 information, click here.


Submit a HelpSU request for assistance with or more information about ReportMart3. Specify Administrative Applications as the Request Category and ReportMart3 as the Request Type.