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What is SALLIE?

SALLIE (Stanford ALL-Image Exchange) is Stanford's campus-wide system for managing and sharing digital assets (photos, videos, and other files) used in communications. Departments with assets to manage and/or share access the central Cumulus database via a desktop client. Stanford affiliates seeking digital images for use in publications, websites, and presentations can browse the complete collection of shared assets at  In many cases, shared assets may be downloaded directly from SALLIE.

How to Get Access

SALLIE is available for use by any school, department, or organization with a direct Stanford University affiliation. Groups/departments needing to store/manage digital assets may submit a request for SALLIE setup online (see  information at

Anyone with a SUNet ID seeking digital images for use in presentations and publications may access the collection at at any time, no setup or authorization required.



See the SALLIE website for detailed information on setup and support.