Sponsor BASES

BASES creates a customized strategy for each of our sponsors to ensure we achieve their sponsorship objectives. A dedicated BASES Sponsorship Executive works with each sponsor to leverage our organization and resources to maximize our sponsors’ impact on campus.

Some of the main ways we support our sponsors include:

  • Strengthening their brand presence on campus
  • Recruiting the best Stanford programmers and engineers
  • Developing meaningful relationships with student entrepreneurs
  • Exclusive access to the most exciting startups and technologies coming out of Stanford

For more information, please refer to our 2015-2016 Sponsorship Package.



Our Sponsors

BASES is a non-profit student organization. The scale and success of our programs would not be possible without the support of our sponsors.

For nearly two decades, our sponsors have done much more than fund our programs. Every year, BASES members benefit immeasurably from the time our sponsors devote to our mentorship programs, judging panels, office hours, and speaker series.

BASES’s mission is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our sponsors provide us with the resources and experience to do so. Working together, we cannot wait to see which leaders and innovators BASES’s next twenty years will produce.

Contact Us

Jonathan Lu (jonlu@stanford.edu), VP of Business Development.