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We have personalized, focused teams to help your students put theory into practice. From industry and alumni experts to project-based classroom learning ideas, we can collaborate with faculty in a myriad of ways. 


How can we help you?

Through our alumni mentors and qualified speakers, we can bring industry experts to your classroom, so students can hear first-hand how your coursework relates to the world outside of Stanford. Interested in learning more about pertinent internships and employer visits to campus? Let us know. Email


How can you help students?

We want to help students find meaningful work. You can help! Encourage students to connect with a Stanford alumni mentor through SAM, explore their strengths through our many assessment tools, or take part in the 17+ career fairs and hundreds of community meetups we offer. Collaborate with us on a site visit, panels or programming specific to your class, or send students our way for personalized career coaching.