The 2016 BeWell Program

What’s new in 2016

Every year the BeWell Program continues to be refined based on participant feedback and the program’s desire to provide additional support. The primary changes to the BeWell Program for 2016 concern Healthy Work Environment (HWE) groups and Berries.

  • You now have the option of earning a $100 annual incentive either by completing six Berries OR by participating in a Healthy Work Environment (HWE) group (10-week goals) with your colleagues — whichever is completed first. Learn more: Healthy Work Environment; Berries. Note: Should you choose to join a HWE group and also do Berry activities, your maximum incentive is still $100.
  • You can participate in a Healthy Work Environment group and receive your $100 incentive without completing the SHALA, although the SHALA is required for the Wellness Profile, Berries, and the maximum incentive. (Learn more: Wellness Profile.)
  • You can now get Berry credit by using validation forms, which replace “self-reports,” in all 5 wellness activity categories. New Berry options added this year address the major health issues of sleep and health behavior change.
  • For employees intending to complete all 4 Parts of the Wellness Profile, which would qualify them for the maximum incentive, you now have until October 31 to complete Screening and Advising (Parts 1 and 2). You still need to complete all 4 Parts by November 30. (Importantly, if you are faxing in your Screening results from your own physician, those results must be submitted by October 15.)

How the Program works

Your BeWell journey begins with the SHALA, the Healthy Work Environment, or both. Once you complete your SHALA, you can proceed to the Wellness Profile and Berries, with the opportunity of earning maximum incentive dollars. You may form or join a Healthy Work Environment (HWE) group with your colleagues at any time within the program year, with or without participation in Berries, even if you have not completed the SHALA. (HWE participants may still opt to take the SHALA and then proceed to earn higher incentives if they complete the Wellness Profile.)


The Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment (SHALA) is an online health risk assessment designed to help you understand the impact of your current lifestyle on your overall health. Take your SHALA any time on or after January 2 to become eligible for $30 fitness classes and other perks. Upon completion of the SHALA, benefits-eligible employees and their spouses/partners are able to move on to the Wellness Profile. SHALA also qualifies employees (but not their spouses/partners) to participate in the Berry program.

Healthy Work Environment (HWE)

The Healthy Work Environment (HWE) program provides customized support and guidance to departments, labs, and work groups who wish to promote a healthy workplace.

  • Employees may become an Ambassador and start their own group or join an existing HWE group.
  • Employees who complete one quarter (10 weeks) of goals with their HWE group will earn the $100 taxable incentive. HWE members may also participate in Berry activities, but $100 is the maximum incentive that can be earned in a year, from either HWE or Berry participation.
  • SHALA is not required to participate in HWE and any Stanford employee is welcome to join an HWE group, regardless of employment type. The incentive is only allocated to the benefits-eligible employee population.

For complete details and frequently asked questions (FAQs), see: Healthy Work Environment.

Wellness Profile

After you complete your SHALA, you may start the Wellness Profile, which is composed of four parts:

1. Screening: BeWell's trained staff provides free one-on-one health screenings at five locations around campus; or, you can have your screenings done at your doctor’s office. (Important: If you choose to fax in your Screening results obtained from your own physician, you must do so by October 15, 2016.)

2. Advising: BeWell provides a free one-on-one Advising session scheduled immediately after your Screening appointment to support your goals towards well-being. If you have Screening results from your doctor’s office, you may bring them with you to your appointment or you may schedule a phone advising appointment online.

Completion of Parts 1 and 2 (Onsite Screening or Screening by Physician and Advising) by October 31 qualifies you to earn the maximum incentive available, assuming you go on to complete Parts 3 and 4, below, by November 30. (See Important program deadlines.)

3. Plan: BeWell provides you with a personalized planning tool to identify your wellness goals and outline strategies for achieving them. Complete the plan online for a partial financial incentive (by November 30); or, if you completed Parts 1 and 2 by October 31, are an employee, and you receive your medical benefits from Stanford and have agreed to share data, you may go on to Part 4 to qualify for a full financial incentive.

4. Engagement: Engage with a wellness coach to check-in and continue the conversation you started during your Advising session. Then, take action on your goals and finish by writing a brief Reflection. (Part 4-Engagement is for employees only.)

Earning incentives for your wellness: a brief summary
A benefits-eligible university employee who receives medical benefits from Stanford and agrees to share information is eligible to receive an incentive ranging from $200 (for completing the SHALA plus Wellness Profile Parts 1-3) to $480 (SHALA plus Wellness Profile Parts 1-4). Their spouse/registered domestic partner is eligible for $240 for completing SHALA plus Wellness Profile Parts 1-3, but only if the employee completes all 4 parts of the Wellness Profile per the program deadlines. These taxable incentives are paid out in a lump-sum payment on the employee’s paycheck in early 2017. Both the employee and spouse must be receiving medical benefits from Stanford at this incentive payout time (expected to be in February 2017) to earn their 2016 incentives. For complete details and FAQs, see Wellness Profile and Important Program Deadlines.


Berries are health-related activities offered to help employees put their wellness goals into action. (Spouses/partners of employees cannot earn the Berry incentive.) We offer Berries in 5 wellness categories to give you credit for your current healthy behaviors, and support for your healthy lifestyle. Start by finding the category that interests you and then review your options, or visit our Berry Calendar for upcoming opportunities on and off campus. Berries are offered in our satellite offices and you can use our validation forms to earn credit. Unless you have joined an approved HWE group, you must first complete the SHALA in order to qualify for the $100 incentive awarded to those earning 6 Berries. This incentive is independent of (in addition to) the Wellness Profile incentives. For complete details and FAQs, see: Berries.

For complete program details and frequently asked questions, please see the individual program component pages, highlighted above, plus our summary of Important Program Deadlines. Choose the participation level that works for you and use the calculator below to determine your incentive

Incentive Calculator