BeWell Connect

March 1, 2013

Would you like to bring your department together to learn more about health and wellness opportunities at Stanford?

BeWell Connect offers information and guidance to assist departments in their  participation in the BeWell program. By clicking here, you can submit a form indicating your interest in having BeWell Connect send a representative to your department to discuss the program and answer questions in a 15-minute session. You can pair this session with an additional 15-minute presentation about nutrition, exercise, or stress management.

Whether you are interested in helping your coworkers or learning more about what BeWell has to offer, BeWell Connect is a great way capitalize on all the BeWell program features.

Here’s what people are saying about BeWell Connect:

“The presentation clarified and answered questions people had (but otherwise did not have a place or opportunity to ask).”

“Our representative was very knowledgeable. Not just with the presentation material, but also with external studies on nutrition and organic food. The time was very well allocated throughout the presentation.”