Meet Cecille Tabernero

Born and raised in the East Bay by a single mother who was a nurse, Cecille Tabernero heard about the sick patients her mom took care of, and she learned how to take blood pressure using a stethoscope and cuff at an early age.  

Her journey toward a career in health and wellness began when she started working at 24 Hour Fitness in high school. She moved through the ranks and eventually managed the San Leandro, Oakland, Berkeley and Castro Valley gyms. While working full time and becoming a mother, she went to back to college and studied kinesiology at San Jose State University, graduating with a B.S. in kinesiology with an emphasis on sports management.

Cecille joined BeWell in 2012 as a health screener, and she is now the Health Screening Manager. She appreciates that BeWell is at the forefront of making important changes in people’s lives. No matter how small the change may be, the hope is that they take what they learn and share it with their family and friends. She loves the fact that she is a surrounded by so much knowledge and is constantly learning about the ever-changing science of wellness.  

Cecille, who has a deep respect for and is involved with the Hawaiian culture, dances hula. As a hula student and helper, she enjoys passing on information about health and wellness to the families in the school, especially the younger students. She knows it is important to give kids good information at a young age. Even if they cannot put this knowledge into action right away, she hopes she has planted the seed in the back of their minds and therefore given them a solid start to healthy living.

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