Meet Amanda King

From a young age, Amanda knew she wanted to work in the health field and assumed she would pursue training to help (in a purely clinical setting) sick or injured people to get better. Her plan changed in college when she became interested in the social determinants of health, and she started exploring the fields of medical anthropology and public health.  

While searching for a community service opportunity during college, Amanda met a hospice coordinator and instantly knew she had found what she was looking for. Hospice training was intense, but the service was immensely rewarding. She learned that Hospice offers palliative care while treating the patient as a whole being — including the care of physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. This holistic, patient-directed approach has greatly affected the way that she sees wellness and care. Hours spent with people who have been given a terminal diagnosis continues to give Amanda perspective and appreciation for the little things each day.

When combined with her studies, Amanda’s hospice volunteer experience solidified her desire to help others improve and maintain their health. Her love for working with older adults led her to a position with a Massachusetts Aging Services Access Point/Area Agency on Aging as a resource specialist and case manager. What a treat it was to spend the days visiting people committed to aging in place and helping them to make such plans. The case management job was a blend of assessment, care planning, and care coordination which involved teaching clients about the resources available to them for the management of chronic health conditions and recovery from temporary setbacks. One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of the job was helping to support caregivers in their demanding roles.  

While serving as a case manager, Amanda obtained two certificates in aging from Boston University School of Social Work's Institute of Geriatric Social Work.  

After three years of working in elder services, Amanda moved from Massachusetts to California for a new adventure, which included starting a family. Now that she has a set of curious brown eyes watching her every move, Amanda is more motivated than ever to model a healthy lifestyle. For Amanda, this means sharing her love of books, eating lots of plants, showing her daughter the joys of physical activity, and spending time together as a family. 

Amanda is also passionate about women's health education and endeavors to learn more about how to support women as they face new health challenges at different stages in life. 

As a BeWell advisor, Amanda feels blessed to meet participants who have had so many different life experiences. She enjoys discussing the unique challenges and myriad opportunities that individual Stanford employees face as they try to balance work with a healthy lifestyle. Her favorite part about working with BeWell participants during advising sessions is hearing the different descriptions of why healthy behaviors are important. She also loves gleaning useful nutrition, exercise, and self-care tips from participants themselves! 

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