Meet Ashley Gephart

Ashley grew up in the Redwoods of California’s “Lost Coast.” She credits her unique childhood surroundings and an upbringing that emphasized healthy life balance for her love of wellness promotion.

Ashley was always interested in human biology, physical fitness, and the connection between the mind and body. She was formally introduced to the public health field as a sophomore at UC Berkeley and remembers the excitement she felt when she first realized that she would be able to make a career out of her greatest interest.

Having played volleyball in high school, Ashley missed being involved with sports and fitness in college, so she quickly seized the opportunity to teach group exercise classes at Cal. Once she put that microphone on, there was no going back! She continues to teach group exercise classes and has become a Certified Personal Trainer. 

Ashley had her first experience with workplace health promotion at UC Berkeley. She was immediately drawn to the concept of employee health programming and was moved by the positive results of supporting and promoting wellness in the workplace.

Ashley worked for three years in the Berkeley Unified School District as an afterschool teacher and a physical education teacher. She adored her time teaching elementary school children about the importance of physical activity and health. Her focus was on fostering a love of movement among her students and supporting them to build a foundation of sustainable healthy behaviors. 

Working with children furthered her desire to be a part of health promotion and prevention, which eventually landed her in the Big Apple, where she earned her M.A. in Health Advocacy with an emphasis in Community Health at Sarah Lawrence College. 

Ashley is excited to be back in California and enthusiastic about having the opportunity to be a part of the BeWell team and Stanford community. She is a firm believer that small steps add up to big successes and understands that “all or nothing” thinking can sometimes get in the way of lasting change. She feels fortunate to support BeWell participants in meeting their wellness goals in ways that make sense for their busy and involved lives. 

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