Meet Jerrie Thurman

Jerrie is a senior health program manager for Stanford Health Improvement Program (HIP). She coordinates 90 fitness professionals who instruct over 200 group fitness classes each week at Stanford University. She has collaborated on numerous Worksite Wellness and Department Programs, and instructs a variety of fitness and health education classes for HIP.

Jerrie has worked at Stanford for almost 25 years, and with HIP for 21 of those years. She is also a 30+ year veteran of the fitness industry.

Some of her professional accomplishments include: recent graduate of the Stanford School of Medicine’s Health 4 All Fellowship program, MA degree in instructional technology, and BS degree in human performance/exercise physiology.

Jerrie is sympathetic to the "sandwich generation" employee. She has three children ages 15-27, an elderly mother, and works full-time. She is intentional about doing regular activity, and encourages others to be as active as they can. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, singing, reading and fine arts activities.

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