Meet Laura Becker-Lewke

Laura Becker-Lewke, BA, LLB, MBA, grew up in Chappaqua, NY and graduated from Wellesley College. She earned her law degree from McGill University and her MBA from New York University (now called Leonard Stern School of Business). For ten years of her adult life, Laura has lived in three foreign countries: Germany, Canada, and France. She is tri-lingual and brings a unique international perspective to BeWell.

Laura started her professional career as a litigator in New York City, and after three years she became the general counsel for an international shipping company, Navios, a former wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Steel. Navios was headquartered in Connecticut, with offices around the world.

After 10 years as counsel and manager/administration, and with the arrival of her third child and the opportunity to move to Germany, Laura changed focus and direction to raising a family and volunteering. She has worked with several churches, schools, and other volunteer organizations — all while raising four children and caring for an elderly mother who suffered a life-changing stroke.

In January, 2014, Laura was a member of the first cohort of Health 4 All at Stanford at the SPRC. Her community project involved work with InnVision Shelter Network to create a mentoring program for the un-housed. This program has now evolved into “Friends and Coaches,” and Laura continues to mentor her mentee.

Joining the Be Well coaching staff is a natural extension of Laura’s desire to ”make a difference,” and in her work she draws upon her life experience in addition to her Health 4 All training.

Laura is also active with an international not-for-profit, Hope Unlimited for Children, which rescues street kids in Brazil. Her interest in serving the marginalized and underserved has always been strong, especially since this work can lead to complete wholeness and well-being — physical, mental and spiritual.