Meet Soowon Kim

Soowon Kim, PhD, has been with the Health Improvement Program (HIP) for over 9 years. Her primary role is to evaluate the health promotion efforts of HIP and BeWell. 

Soowon’s professional training focused on nutrition epidemiology, an area of study involving the  examination of the role of nutrition in health and disease, the monitoring of the nutritional status of populations, and the development and evaluation of interventions for achieving and maintaining healthy eating patterns. It is important to Soowon that we approach health and wellness from the multiple pathways through which biological, behavioral and contextual contributors affect individuals and the population. She is also committed to improving the health of every individual, including those who are disadvantaged. 

Prior to working at HIP, Soowon was a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF through the W.K. Kellogg Scholars in Health Disparities Program, where she focused on issues of health disparities and social determinants of health. She was also a visiting scholar at the Stanford Prevention Research Center.

Soowon was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Coming from a big family that likes to celebrate with great eating experiences, food has always held a special attraction for Soowon. With many responsibilities, it is a continuous struggle for her to fit exercise into her daily schedule while also finding ways to maintain a high energy level. 

Soowon believes we are all unique individuals with the power to make meaningful life changes. In her role as a wellness coach, Soowon walks alongside her participants on their wellness journey, helping them hold their focus on their desired outcomes. She employs assumption-free, nonjudgmental, and open communication to help her participants achieve their wellness goals. 

Soowon recommends that her participants at BeWell apply one of the most valuable lessons she has learned working at HIP: move away from the “all-or-nothing” mindset and appreciate any tiny steps you can take to improve health and the quality of life.  

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