Gear Swap 2014

The Stanford Outdoor Education Gear Swap is a yard sale of sorts- for all things Outdoor Adventure related! SOE will be selling off used gear, including (but not limited to!) climbing shoes, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, sleeping pads, ski helmets, and more. In addition to SOE gear, SOE welcomes Stanford affiliates to sell their gear for a 20% consignment fee. Please read on for details on consigning your outdoor equipment during this event.

Stanford affiliates = Stanford undergrad students, grad students, Post-Docs, staff, faculty, spouses/domestic partners, hospital staff and alumni. Please note that building access rules apply! You may only consign gear if you have a scannable Stanford ID or have access to guest passes to enter the AOERC building.

Who can attend the SOE Gear Swap? Anyone! You do not need an ID or a guest pass to attend the event or to make a purchase. On the day of the event, customers will be asked to enter through the back of the AOERC building.

The Event Details

Date: Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Time: 10am-1pm

Location: AOERC Basketball Courts (entry through the back of the building. NO ADMITTANCE will be granted through the front of AOERC)

Selling Gear

Who can sell gear?: Stanford affiliates can bring in gear to sell.

How many items can I sell?: Limit 10 items per customer

Gear Drop Off Days: Monday, November 3rd to Thursday, November 7th between 2pm and 7pm

Where to Drop Off: Outdoor Center, Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center

Consignment Fee: 20%

Unsold Gear: Must be picked up on Saturday, 11/8, between 3-5pm OR 11/17 between 12pm-7pm.

*The Outdoor Center will be closed 11/10-11/14.

Money Made: Must be picked up on Saturday, 11/8 between 3-5pm, OR 11/17 between 12pm-7pm.

*The Outdoor Center will be closed 11/10-11/14.

Release form: You must sign a Consigner’s Release Form when you drop off your equipment.

What kind of gear can be sold?

Outdoor Gear—no lawn darts, shotguns, televisions, Erlenmeyer Flasks …you get the picture.

***Gear admittance to the swap is up to the discretion of Outdoor Center staff. If you have questions about what is appropriate to sell, please send us an e-mail at or give us a call at 650-736-7768 before bringing your equipment into the Outdoor Center.***

Outdoor Apparel—The North Face or Patagonia (as an example) clothing is acceptable, but no random clothing that is not made by an Outdoor Sporting Goods Manufacturer, especially cotton.

Big Equipment Clause

Canoes and Kayaks and other large items must be dropped off on Thursday, 11/6 between 2-7pm, NO OTHER DAY.

Buying Gear

1. People buying gear must wait till Saturday at 10am. No one will be allowed to bother Outdoor Center staff about gear before the sale or come in before the sale starts. No exceptions.

2. All gear must be paid for with cash. Bring small bills!

3. Gear sold must be taken home the day of the sale, by 1pm.

4. Gear cannot be held for later payment.

5. People buying gear must sign a release form for liability. 

Date and Time: 
Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 10:00
AOERC Basketball Courts
Event Sponsor: 
Stanford Outdoor Education
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