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You and the flu

Thriving with resilience

BeWell Community Gardens Harvest Festival

Come mingle with fellow home and campus gardeners as we celebrate the harvest season. Bring your abundance of fruits and vegetables from your home or campus garden to exchange with other gardeners. Volunteers from around campus will provide gardening mini-workshops and R&DE will offer cooking demonstrations. Sip on fresh pressed cider while visiting HIP, BeWell & Stanford Gleaner representatives.

Managing stress with Equine-imity

Free Stanford sports tickets

Quality time

Solving the work-life puzzle

Meet Natali Mendoza-Perez

Natali was born and raised in Peru to a family of seven children. Her mother, raised in a rural place near the Andes Mountains, taught her to value and savor the flavors of whole foods, grains, vegetables and fruits. Natali spent her childhood in large fields, hiking up mountains, and playing outside with her siblings and friends. She developed an enjoyment for spending time in nature and with others, and for engaging in movement for fun.

Women and Alzheimer’s