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Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Guidelines for Customer-Funded and Facility-Funded Services

The following list shows the guidelines used to determine whether repairs and maintenance are funded by Buildings and Grounds Maintenance or by you, the customer. Services are alphabetized in four groups, with related maintenance together ("generator testing" with "electrical systems," for example). Each maintenance type is identified as "Facility Funded" (paid for by BGM) or "Customer Funded" (paid for by you/your Department).

This list is only a guideline. Any questions should be directed to the appropriate Zone Manager. Please note these guidelines are only for maintenance related types of work. Buildings and Grounds Maintenance typically does not fund new installations and modifications of building systems to meet new and/or changed programmatic needs.

Some commonly used terms:

• Commons Areas = lobby areas, hallways, stairways - typically spaces people walk through to get to another space in a building. The one exception is restrooms are also considered common areas and some open kitchen areas as well in buildings.
• Program Space = office areas, labs, department conference rooms, department lounges, department classrooms that are used by only that department, or primarily used by that department.
• Facility Funded = Within Buildings & Grounds Maintenance we maintain the academic campus buildings (excluding School of Medicine) and have funds that cover the expenses in the examples on the “who pays” web page. This basically includes the infrastructure for all academic spaces we maintain. In program spaces, this includes lighting (such as when a light is out or a diffuser is broken, a switch isn’t working, etc.) air distribution problems as it relates to the main building HVAC system, etc.
• Customer Funded = In program spaces, any types of upgrades, such as carpet replacement, painting, window covering replacement, adding doors, etc. is funded by the department who the space is assigned to.

Building Repairs, Maintenance, and Construction

Interior Repairs and Maintenance
Building damage/repairs caused by flooding, equipment failure, seismic activity, graffiti, etc. Facility Funded
Carpet repair and replacement in common areas Facility Funded
Carpet repair and replacement in program space Customer Funded
Ceiling, flooring, and baseboards in common areas Facility Funded
Computers, servers, UPS, communications outlets, TSOs Customer Funded
Damage or vandalism caused by occupants Customer Funded
Department classrooms - Classroom Clocks are the responsibility of the Dept. Customer Funded
Duplicate key requests Customer Funded
Electrical systems Facility Funded
Elevator maintenance services Facility Funded
Emergency generator testing Facility Funded
Exterior/interior common areas, lobbies, stairwells, restrooms, and University classrooms Facility Funded
Existing doors and hardware Facility Funded
Grounds maintenance Facility Funded
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment Facility Funded
Interior signs, nameplates, and directories Customer Funded
Keys/rekeying (SU Lock Shop) rekeying requests for program changes Customer Funded
New doors and associated hardware Customer Funded
Painting/wall treatments of interior program spaces Customer Funded
Plumbing systems and fixtures Facility Funded
Seismic bracing of furniture in program space, creation and maintenance of emergency evacuation plans Customer Funded
Furniture, Appliances, and Equipment Repairs and Maintenance
Electrical appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, ice makers, kitchen and food service equipment Customer Funded
Window air conditioners, portable space heaters and fans, HVAC systems modifications and/or upgrades to meet program changes Customer Funded
Window treatments such as blinds or drapes in program space Customer Funded
Exterior and Grounds Repairs and Maintenance
Exterior building signs Facility Funded
Kiosks, directories, benches, tables in common areas, bike racks, etc. Facility Funded
Outdoor furniture such as patio and picnic tables in restricted areas controlled by the departments Customer Funded
Paving repairs to pathways and roads Facility Funded
Pre- and post-event grounds cleanup Customer Funded
Street lighting Facility Funded
Cleaning, Trash, and Recycling Services
Carpet cleaning (annual) Facility Funded
Extra custodial services outside of scheduled services, event cleanup such as non-scheduled carpet cleaning Customer Funded
Interior window washing Customer Funded
Fall clean-up Facility Funded
Scheduled custodial service Facility Funded
Scheduled trash removal/recycling Facility Funded
Trash removal/recycling--extra services outside of scheduled services, capital equipment disposal Customer Funded