Stanford Academic Campus Fall Clean-Up

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October 13th to November 12th, 2015

Tuesday and Thursday weekly

10:00 a.m. until  2:00 p.m.


Zone A:  October 20th and 22nd
Zone B:  
October 27th
Zone C:  October 15th and 29th
Zone D:  October 13th and 29th

Medical School:  November 3rd and 5th
Off Campus Sites: November 10th and 12th


Building Managers

Thank you for participating in the Fall Campus Clean Up.  Please review the MAP for collection location(s) in your area and help notify all departments in your buildings by email and posting the event sign and map for your area.

General Information

The Fall Clean-Up event is an opportunity to dispose of items no longer useful to your department. It is sponsored by Buildings and Grounds Maintenance (BGM) in conjunction with Peninsula Sanitary Service Inc. (PSSI).  Surplus Sales will be on site at each collection point to assist with sorting electronics and reusable items.  Event Services is available at no cost to you for services up to $500.

Event Services

For assistance in moving items to your collection point enter an Event Services Request for your Clean-Up date as soon as possible.  When entering your requests be sure to say in STEP 5 that it is for Campus Clean-Up. Please include the location, size and quantity of items to be moved. For questions, call Event Services at 723-2285.


Services Provided:

  • Reusable ItemsSurplus Sales will be on site at your collection point to collect reusable items, including furniture and office equipment. It is helpful to identify items in working condition.
  • Stanford barcoded equipment: Surplus Sales will be on site to accept and register any equipment identified with a Stanford barcode tag. Please contact Stan Dunn (725-0081) or Maurice Brown (726-8101) with any capital equipment questions.
  • Electronics: Surplus Sales will be on site to receive electronic equipment.  Electronic equipment cannot be placed in the dumpsters. Data handling devices require additional attention due to information security issues.
  • Non-reusable Items: PSSI will separate items for recycle.  Remember to submit your Event Services Request early for assistance moving items to your collection point.  
  • Cardboard: Please flatten corrugated cardboard before placing it in the green dumpsters.
  • Paper: Place in specially marked paper recycling bins located at the collection point.  Please no binders, overhead sheets or plastic wrappers. 
  • Confidential Materials: To make an appointment for pickup place a call several days in advance to PSSI (321-4236).
  • Styrofoam (Expanded Polystyrene):  PSSI will collect expanded polystyrene blocks or shipping materials. Place a call or email to PSSI several days in advance to PSSI (321-4236).

Services Not Provided:

  • Hazardous MaterialsChemicals, chemical waste, biological waste and radioactive waste are not included in this event.  Please follow approved disposal procedures for these materials and submit a request to
  • RefrigeratorsDue to the environmental requirements for processing prior to disposal, refrigerators freezers and other devices containing Freon are not included in the Campus Cleanup. A work request to PSSI is required for this type of item, and does carry a fee. 


For special requests contact PSSI 321-4236 or Raveena Ulrich 725-4260.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your Zone Administrator.