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Fleet Garage

Need a jump start? Is the strange squeak in the engine compartment driving you nuts? More than your average grease monkeys, our Garage technicians are here to provide “cradle to grave” service for all University owned vehicles. 

Services provided:

  • In house diagnostic work by ASE certified technicians
  • Major repairs: engine/transmission replacement, front end work, brakes, etc.
  • Tire repair, installation and balancing
  • Smog certification
  • 24 hour towing service for breakdowns on and off campus
  • Manufacturer recall work
  • DMV renewal process
  • Purchase of new vehicles
  • Disposal of old vehicles
  • Maintenance and repair of all Grounds equipment: tractors, mowers, etc.

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Machine Shop

Is the metal handrail on your stairs falling apart? Do you need to cut an opening into a steel surface? Whatever you need, if it involves metal, we can help. Our staff of certified welders is ready and waiting to assist you with your needs.

Services provided:

  • Custom metal fabrication (i.e. new product, historical replicas, etc.)
  • Repairs to existing metal structures (i.e. handrails, doors, seismic bracing, etc.)
  • Plasma arc cutting
  • Portable welders for on site repairs, all processes (TIG, MIG, etc.)
  • Automotive metal fabrications (i.e. hitch or crane installation, etc.)
  • All fabrications comply with University design standards

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