Horticulture and Landscape

The Stanford Oval

Stanford University is host to a diverse and beautiful landscape. The Grounds Services department provides a variety of resources for faculty, staff, students and visitors to enjoy campus scenery and explore its horticultural programs.

Seeing the Sites

Guests and new arrivals to Stanford University often take a tour of the campus to visit noteworthy locations. Grounds Services horticultural team has provided many resources for campus residents and visitors to explore the university grounds from an in-depth, horticultural perspective. To learn more about special sites, significant trees, nature walks and other interesting horticultural features of the campus, visit Points of Interest.

Fall color

Are You a Plant Nut?

Interested in more facts about plants? Our horticultural team has compiled a plethora of fascinating data on local plant life. Visit our Plant Life section to learn more about:

  • California native plants.
  • Plants in flower throughout the year.
  • Chill hours and dormancy.
  • The different varieties of Eucalyptus species.

Seasons and Weather

Stanford’s landscape goes through a series of amazing transformations as the seasons progress from Winter rains to Spring blooms, and Summer heat to Autumn leaves.
Seasons and Weather can give you information on year-round activities within the Grounds department, the best places to see seasonal blooms, tips for your home garden, and even a weather report from the Weather Station.

Integrated Pest Management Program

Want to know more about how we keep the campus plants so beautiful? Grounds Services’ Horticulture Group, along with our Pest Control team, is responsible for our Integrated Pest Management program. For more on the program, including its goals and methods, please visit IPM program.

Horticultural Links and Resources

Can’t get enough? Visit our list of additional resources on horticulture and landscaping. Horticultural Articles and Resources contains links to other programs within and outside of Stanford University.