Biodesign is at the center of medical device design at Stanford.

Biodesign welcomes Stanford faculty interested in medical technology and innovation. Whether you are looking for somewhere to build a prototype, a collaborator, an investor or advice on university policy surrounding intellectual property, biodesign faculty and staff are available to facilitate your innovation needs. We also welcome you to join our faculty mailing list and participate in biodesign-sponsored events

Biodesign-Related Courses
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BioE 393 Bioengineering/Biodesign Seminar
A weekly seminar featuring the latest research in Bioengineering and Biodesign
A national alliance of BME program faculty that teach Innovation, Design and/or Entrepreneurship (currently 90 universities)
Events at Stanford
A listing of events at Stanford of interest to BME faculty
Office of Technology Licensing
OTL's resources for Inventors
Stanford IP Policy
Link to Stanford's policy on Intellectual Property
Video resources
Find video clips and podcasts that talk about aspects of the program and the innovation process