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Remembering Ferolyn Powell

Textbook 2nd Edition

Global Fellows

Sweden Princess Visits

Fogarty & Obama

2014-15 Class

RedTeam visits Google

2015-16 Fellowship Application

Cathlab visit

Mobile Class 2014


Brinton Award

Torix wins Award

Tailgate 2014

Japan Conference

Alumni Focus Group

2014 Graduation

Team MagNeatO - BME-IDEA

Final Presentations 2013-14 Fellows

BASES win for Madoora

Graduates - 2014

Innovator's Workbench - PVT Story

SIB Fellows thinking outside the box

Vistors from Osaka University

Fellows travel to India for Externship

Innovator's Workbench dedicated to Tracy Lefteroff

Fellows travel out of country for Externships

Executive Education 2014

Call for Applications SSB 2014

Innovator's Workbench

MMA Roadshow

Global Fellows arrive

Fogarty Lecture features Michael Mussalem

Alumni Pedram Afshar observes DBS procedure to launch product

Tokyo University visits Biodesign

Fellows visit the Fogarty Institute

Speednetworking with Urology and Nephrology

Biodesign featured in Bio-X video

BME-IDEA for 2013

Coulter@100 Celebration

Another SIB License for the BioScoop Project

Our Limb Immobilization Project Launches!

2013 SIB Interns

2013-14 Fellows Begin

Boomer 2013 Win

Congrats to 2013 Graduate Fellows

Transferlife gets licensed to MGM Medial

EChallenge Winners - Specialty Team

Bike to Work Day 2013

White Team takes Berkeley

Omar Ishrak at Innovator's Workbench

Levin and Gelfand at Innovator's Workbench

Fellows are chosen for Top 20 Innovators Under 35 in India

First Workbench of 2013 features Fred St. Goar & Ferolyn Powell of Evalve

Ardian Team speaks at the Executive Education Program

RedTeam wins Tulane

6th Annual Indian Medtech Summit

Ginger Graham speaks at the Fogarty Lecture

Tom Krummel, Co-Director, Biodesign, completes cross country bikeride

Consure Medical, first startup from SIB, funded

Mridu Choudhury Presents at Medtronic

Exec Ed now offered

Global Opps

Consure Medical Funded

SIB Workshop


NTU and NUS class offering in Biodesign Innovation Singapore

Tony Raven visits SIB from Cambridge University

Working with REAP

2012 Fellows Graduation

Marty Leon

Team Calcula

Nish, Ayesha meet Hillary Clinton

Red Team takes Tulane Prize

Alex Gorsky at the Workbench

SIB licenses from BCIL for Consure Medical


Red team immersion


Global Fellows start

Happy Holidays

Francis Collins at SIB Summit

2011 Graduation for SSB Fellows

Fellows brainstorm

Fogarty Lecture

Fogarty Lecture

Red Team at bootcamp

Doshi, Mairal speak at Commonwealth Club

Fellows learn suturing

Global Exchange projects in India

Singapore Biodesign Class Begins

Fellows begin their year

Commonwealth Club Talk by SIB Faculty

Fletcher Wilson at Graduation

Oculeve Takes London Bus Plan Competition

Our Graduates

510k Study Presented at National Press Club

Red Team Win!

Coulter Celebration

Workbench - Ezekiel Emanuel

C-IDEA team visit AIIMS

Berkeley BPlan Win!

USPTO Roundtable

Alumni Skype

IP Entrepreneurship & Medtech


Matt Callaghan featured in Stanford News

Fellows Travel to India for Needs Validation

Students try design thinking

2010 Indian Medtech Summit

Joelle Barral announces the birth of her son

CHCF Physicians in training with Biodesign Faculty and Fellows

Jeff Shuren, Head of CDRH, visits Biodesign to hold panel on current regulatory changes

Aneesh Chopra, CTO for US, visits SIB, India

Fellows visit for design bootcamp

Fellows welcomed at BBQ

SIB Fellows Enjoy Clinical Immersion

Sept Roundtable featuring Jeff Shuren

2010 Boomers Competition Win

2010 Graduation

Summer Course Offering

Popular Science Award

Orpheus Prize

Global Fellowship

2010 Fellows prototype


Yock distributes Certificates to SIB Faculty

Singapore Signing

Fostering Innovation

SIB Fellows


Happy Holidays

Interview day brainstorming session

Fellows do Needs Screening

Textbook on the Shelf

Biodesign Textbook

New Fellows for 2009-10

Graduation 2009

Fellows Win Boomers Competition

Fellows Graduate 2009

White Team Wins Award

David Dvorak


Mahadevan visits SIB Centre at AIIMS

World Economic  Forum Entrepreneurship Paper


SIB Fellows

Hira Thapliyal at Innovator's Workbench

SkullFX wins Challenge


Bike Challenge

Jaipur Knee Team in Jaipur, India

Sandy Miller Party

New Fellows

White Team Award

Jaipur Knee Team

SIB Phase I End

SIB Centre

Graduation 08

Ramadoss Visit

Fred Moll IWB

Distinguished Lecture


Auth Innovator's Workbench

Career Fair

Capek IWB

SIB Reception

MedTech Summit, India

Fellows Begin 2007-08