Students reap a harvest of opportunities, resources and courses through Biodesign.

Biodesign courses and fellowships are designed to create innovators in medical technology. Our biodesign method teaches a host of skills, ranging from needs finding and brainstorming to the creation of viable business plans and how to adhere to intellectual property guidelines.

BioE 374 Innovation Course
Biodesign offers a two-quarter sequence course where you learn the process of medical device innovation (crosslisted as ME 374 / MED 272 / OIT 384
BioE 393 Bioengineering Seminar
A weekly seminar featuring the latest research in Bioengineering
Biodesign-Related Courses
Learn about courses that feature concepts particular to the invention of medical devices
bmesource portal
A Biomedical Engineering portal designed and populated by students, faculty and staff in the biomedical engineering academic community - check it out!
Events at Stanford
A listing of events at Stanford of interest to BME students
Fellowships offered here and elsewhere of interest to BME students
Find internships that are of interest to BME students
Find jobs for BME graduates at the Cardinal Careers website (requires login)
Student Organizations
A list of student clubs of interest to BME students
Video resources
Find video clips and podcasts that talk about aspects of the program and the innovation process